Malaika (Angel) Song


This is a very famous KiSwahili song by Dr. Fadhili William and Malaika Boys. The song was highly publicized by Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte, and Boney M, to name a

Jambo (Hello) Song


Music video series are fun and the easiest way for some people to learn a language. We have chosen popular songs that have existed way before we were born but

Mobile Series


These are videos on the go, normally shot on the road or extempo at some store to show you real-life daily usage of the language. You may directly go to

Long Video Series


The series are 8 minutes or more for those who want to take more time to learn In this series we will start with introductory video, and you can either

Jambo, Marhaba, Hola, Namaste, Shalom…

My name was (until 2008) Samir Khamis Amour Khamis Al-Busaidy, but it has changed! Samir. Khamis. Al-Busaidy just after that – (still a long name huh??), many call me Sammy, my nickname online is Kulmansam.

I come from the larger Island called Unguja in the Zanzibar archipelago found on the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The local name of my Island is Unguja.

I am currently residing in Muscat, Oman since January 2017.

In these pages, you can find things that might be rather interesting including pages on Learning Kiswahili (common language spoken on the East coast of Africa), African Hair Styles, and even one on African Recipes. 

I had created a website long ago, just as a place to store my recipes and some thoughts as I was traveling away from home and books are among things that can get misplaced and lost.

The website back then was hosted for free on GeoCities and AngelFire servers. Yahoo took over these servers I believe back in the early 2000s. I kept getting messages that my website was turned off because it exceeded bandwidth etc. I had no clue what was happening. But later I found out that my website was very popular and there were so many hits. Some were from people who just stole my content and simply copied and pasted it on their websites. I came across my content on their websites as I was looking for my recipes! I know how bad my English is, they did not correct any mistakes in their hurry to copy and paste!

Anyway… as they say, if you are the originator, you can always produce more and better, while copycats can not produce anything, that is why they copy!

I have run a YouTube channel since 2012 to teach KiSwahili and many have used the channel to either learn Swahili from zero or to enhance what they knew. Many have used what they have learned when they traveled to Kenya and Tanzania and came back to the channel to report.

So the purpose of this website is to extend access to the videos and other material to all those who want to learn Swahili online. From Swahili 101 to advanced (as we proceed)

So enjoy this website, learn what you can, share it with others who want to learn KiSwahili or to travel to East Africa so that they too can learn KiSwahili and add value and memories to their trip.

If some words on the links do not make sense then go to the Learn Kiswahili page and have fun. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Take a tour and come back later, tell me what you think. I would appreciate any suggestions to make these pages better.